Miss Supercross 2014 Dianna Dahlgren Bio

Miss Supercross 2014 Dianna Dahlgren Bio - Welcome to the web Supercross in 2014, this time I will review some of the, 2014 Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren, beautiful and sexy woman, born in Fallbrook, CA February 4th, 1990, back to Miss Supercross, and will return to lead start in AMA Supercross 2014 Live .

Why did you want to become Miss Supercross?: Being Miss Supercross gives you the chance to interact with people and fans from all over the USA! I can't wait to interview the riders, fans, and my coworkers! SX Ed with Miss Supercross

Here is a biography of the 2014 Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren :

Name: Dianna Dahlgren
Birth Date:February 4th 1990
Height:5' 8"
Place of Birth: Fallbrook, CA
Place of Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Type of Music: Everything!! Rap, rock, metal, pop, country
Favorite Movies: Wedding Crashers, Old School, A Night at the Roxbury
Favorite Actor/Actress:Vince Vaughn! His sarcasm is the best!!
Favorite Food: I love pizza and a huge salad! Yum!!
Favorite Book: I'm into reading health books! Anything about health!

Hobbies: During the winter I absolutely love snowboarding in Mammoth and Utah! During the summer I love going out on the boats! Havasu, the river, I love it! I also love working out, decorating, and hiking!

Favorite Rider: Alot of them are my friends, but I'd have to say that Hansen is my favorite! He makes me laugh too much!

Favorite SX City: San Francisco! And I am sad to see the venue change! It was my absolute fav!


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